Perfect Memory Training Can Help Give Your Memory A Boost Fiona McPherson’s Perfect Memory Training is a detailed guide that deals with the matter of increasing the capacity and functionality of your memory. McPherson holds a PhD is psychology and is viewed as a leading expert in the field of memory related research. This book is not really a comprehensive how-to guide, and most of the book is focused on understanding memory. Due to the research carried out by McPherson and professionals like her over the years, many techniques for memory improvement have been created. The thing is, not everything works for everyone. A number of factors such as cultural, psychological, intellectual, and genetic variations make every human mind distinct.

follow link A lot of books dive straight into advice like imagery and making associations, with hardly an explanation of why these things work. Easy step-by-step information on how to enhance your memory may be easy to follow, but they’re not always easy to adapt to your mind or apply to your life. What if the book says to remember faces by picturing the location you first met a person, and you must memorize the executive photo gallery so you’ll know who’s who at the company party? You basically haven’t met these people and you’ve merely seen their photographs on a wall so this memory method is not actually going to work for you.

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